Managing Your Time Effectively

Understand the importance of time management, the principles of prioritisation, and the application of these concepts in an agile business environment.
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What You'll Learn

  • You will be able to reflect on how to manage your time and become more effective,
  • You will be able to identify prioritisation techniques,
  • You will be able to apply tips and techniques for managing your time and prioritising your work.

In today's fast-paced business world, adaptability and innovation are key to staying ahead of the competition. Our perception and management of time has undergone profound shifts. It is no longer solely about optimising every hour or adeptly multitasking; it's centred around understanding the delicate balance between urgency, importance, and true value.

Welcome to 'Managing Your Time Effectively ',  a short course developed to guide you through the modern intricacies of time management and prioritisation, arming you with strategies that are relevant in both personal and professional settings.

Gain A Recognised Course Certificate

On completion of the course you will earn a Course Certificate that you can highlight on your CV, LinkedIn profile or portfolio.

Who Should Take This Course?

This course is suitable for anyone that wants to develop their ability to use time effectively. Learners will grasp the significance of time management and prioritisation as fundamental practices in achieving business agility. This includes:
  • Anyone working in an organisation of any size, sector, or industry,
  • Those new to business agility with some work-based and/or team-based experience,
  • Anyone struggling with the complexities of team working.

Aimed at individuals at Explorer, Professional Level 1 of the Agile Business Consortium’s competency framework, a recognised approach to starting your business agility journey. It focuses on the basics of business agility and then allows individuals to reflect on how to use their new skills in practice.

At this level you will be at the start of your professional journey. You will probably be part of an agile team, or in a team working towards becoming more agile, reinforcing your knowledge via simple practical application. You will have basic factual knowledge of business agility and be using agile techniques to deal with simple problems.

Courses offered by the Agile Business Consortium have been thoughtfully crafted to include extensive and well-researched material, all while maintaining an accessible learning experience. Every participant of our learning platform is encouraged to actively engage in discussions and complete optional activities in order to maximise learning.

Meet the industry experts

Here are the industry experts that you will learn from throughout this course:

Katie Taylor

Learning and Development Lead / Chair of the Board, Agile Business Consortium

Katie spent many years as a self-employed consultant, working on a wide range of projects for the likes of British Aerospace, Computer Sciences Corporation CSC, British Gas and Astra Zeneca. She specialised in enabling communication between different levels of staff, especially during times of radical change. Currently, Chair at The Agile Business Consortium - Advancing Business Agility Worldwide. “Work doesn’t work” for many people who are not engaged – we are part of the movement to make a positive change.

Rod Willis

Professional Executive Agile Coach & Mentor, Assentire Ltd

Having spent the past 10 years deep-diving into the world of Group Dynamics and adjacent areas, Rod has been able to turn theory into practical interventions that enable Facilitators, Scrum Masters, Agile Coaches and more besides, to finally see and understand the hidden dynamics every group will experience (AKA Team Culture). Rod has supported the agile community for many years, facilitating workshops and conferences among like-minded people. Outside of the agile community, he facilitates the Windsor Leadership Trust’s Emerging Leaders Programme where he is known for his work on collaboration and mindset development, integrating Design Thinking and Continuous Improvement with Group Dynamics. Rod is also a Director and Co-founder of Assentire Ltd and is the subject matter expert for the "Accelerating Collaboration Everywhere" managed by APMG and remains actively involved in supporting this growing community.